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Re: [Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem
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Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 17:09:03 -0700
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Well, I generally take a slightly different approach in that I like to
understand as many functions as possible before getting too far down the
road. Since part of what I do for a living is writing "How To" instructions
for computing related stuff I'm a big believer in Reading The Fine Manual
(RTFM) and Yaesu does have a decent manual for this radio. I've gone through
the entire thing from one end to the other including doing the master CPU
resets and then going in item by item and verifying that the menu's are
reset to the defaults listed in the manual. At this point I'll have to
assume I just ended up with one of those occasional glitches that modern
electronics right off the assembly line sometime experience. 

Even with the sub-rcvr out and nothing but stock filters installed I can
tell I'm going to like this radio. I was playing with the audio peaking
filters last night on 160 M and really impressed with how well they pull
signals that are in the noise up to copy-able level. Once I get it back and
load up the InRad filters I just know this is going to be a sweet rig that
will serve me well for years.

I'll package it up and deal with the return/repair process. 

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I spent numerous hours trying to
ensure I hadn't missed the obvious and appreciate all of you letting me use
you as a sounding board to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything. I'll
report back on the final outcome in order to "close the loop" in the
archives since when I searched them before posting my question I couldn't
find any mention of this particular problem.



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I agree I didn't mess with the Menu settings on mine till I got use to the
radio funtions.
After a few months when I got comfortable with the Rig I took a day and read
the entire Manual and then changed some menu settings like the enableing of
the Notch Filter insted of DSP Auto and a few other settings. I love this
radio and it works flawlessly.
GL 73s de John W4DJ

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