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[Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem

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Subject: [Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem
From: "Patrick W7TMT" <patrick@dayshaw.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 13:29:11 -0700
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Just picked up a new FT-1000MP Mark V Field and before I take it back to the
dealer I thought I'd see if the knowledgeable folks on the list had any
suggestions for this problem.

Brand new out-of-the-box radio. No extra filters added yet (I have an order
in the pipe-line to InRad). When I first turned the radio on the
sub-receiver appeared to work as expected. After about a half hour of
reading through the manual and looking at the various settings etc. and
tuning around the bands checking out the receive functions the sub-receiver
suddenly quit working. Never even put the radio into the transmit mode I was
just listening to the receiver and trying out the various EDSP and filter
settings. Audio is there and lots of background noise, in fact much more
than in the main receiver, but no signals are received. Since then I have
verified that VFO can be used to control the transmit freq. but the receiver
is gone. I have already done a total CPU reset per the manual (twice) to no
avail. Any ideas other than me boxing it up and taking it back. Fortunately
the store is within driving distance (if you consider a couple of hours
"within driving distance").

Thanks for your assistance.



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