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Re: [Orion] O2 Tx audio quality

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Subject: Re: [Orion] O2 Tx audio quality
From: "Barry Gross" <barry.n1eu@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 07:22:26 -0500
List-post: <mailto:orion@contesting.com>
Yes, I've noticed the raspiness with v2 firmware and reported the inferior
tx audio quality in

I've heard from several people reporting the same.  I went back to using the
v1.373b5 firmware.

73, Barry N1EU

On 3/20/06, Ronald Gorski <R.Gorski@astronautics.com> wrote:
> I have received reports of a raspy edge on all voice peaks. The problem
> does not appear to be RFI related nor is it affected by TX EQ or LF
> roll-off settings or the type of microphone used (condenser mike or heil
> GM-5). I know of one other O2 owner that has experienced the same problem.
> His is at the factory for troubleshooting. Are there others?
> Ron N9AU
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