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1. [TowerTalk] Bird Wattmeters (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Sat Jul 26 12:23:47 2003
Franki; try TESSCO (800) 472-7373 they sell all th BIRD roducts and anything connected with the communications infrastructure industry. 73! Mike KM1R
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2. [TowerTalk] Red light for the top of a tower. (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Tue Jun 24 12:05:59 2003
The FAA is quite clear... if a tower is VOLUNTARILY lit or marked, it must be maintained according to FAA R &R. This means specifications/maintenance/reporting/monitoring. Novelty or not, it is lit/m
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-06/msg00437.html (7,718 bytes)

3. [TowerTalk] Rohn SSV specs (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Sat Feb 15 11:35:02 2003
Bryan... been in the toower business for about 30+ years. The SSV is for one or the other... We use a LOT of SSV, but one must remember, it is very expensive to buy, and does not have that much of wi
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-02/msg00336.html (7,624 bytes)

4. [TowerTalk] re; Rohn SSV (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Thu Feb 20 12:27:56 2003
Hi Hank! I would definitely agree with you , though MY post seemed to indicate what you mentioned... I assumed (possibly in error) that the gentleman was probably interested in the "off the shelf" SS
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-02/msg00371.html (7,399 bytes)

5. [TowerTalk] rotor question (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Wed Feb 26 10:23:48 2003
Anyone know the value of the motor start capacitor in a HAM-II control? Restoring one for a buddy, the cap is missing, so is the manual!!! Thanks for the help, and patience! 73 all, de Mike KM1R
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-02/msg00493.html (7,399 bytes)

6. [TowerTalk] Equipment Installations on towers... (score: 1)
Author: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Wed Feb 26 10:24:03 2003
Chris... first off, find out if the particular tower in question is"a colocated(shared site). Thats what you want. Some carriers, though go out of their way to NOT co-locate. In todays world, you hav
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-02/msg00494.html (10,744 bytes)

7. [TowerTalk] bird strikes (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 07:42:08 -0400
After spending 30 years in the tower construction / site mgmt. business, I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a dead bird under a tower. NEVER a one!. I am wondering if this "phenonomenon" is very re
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-08/msg00784.html (7,713 bytes)

8. [TowerTalk] Commercial antennas (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 14:33:23 -0500
Way back when, we used to regularly use the HF curtains in Thailand for casual hamming. With a barefoot KWM2, we would pound into Stateside. Always wondered what would have happened if we fired up on
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-11/msg00098.html (8,554 bytes)

9. [TowerTalk] fuses (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 09:17:36 -0500
One caveat: make sure the fuses are on "your side" of the "demarc" box. If not, the phone company will blame you for everything but a plague of locusts. I know, I worked for Ma Bell once!!! Good luck
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-11/msg00215.html (7,146 bytes)

10. [TowerTalk] climbers gift (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:08:59 -0500
We always hung a crescent wrench from our belts, just in case we either forgot (rare) a specific wrench, or needed something adjustable for those ever present surprises. (especially when working on a
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-12/msg00025.html (7,630 bytes)

11. [TowerTalk] Rohn (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 06:22:22 -0500
All the politics aside, one of the major reasons Rohn got into this mess is poor market strategy. When the Cellular/PCS frenzy came about they steered most manufacturing towards that end of the indus
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-12/msg00366.html (9,042 bytes)

12. [TowerTalk] Insurance (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J.Castellano" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 10:41:20 -0500
I have everything (including three self Rohn SSV and LP-1007 log peridocics) covered on my homeowners. (the towrs are an accesory structure at about Two ($2) a year more! My carrier is the Hartford.
/archives//html/Towertalk/2003-12/msg00707.html (8,895 bytes)

13. [TowerTalk] quad design (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:30:07 -0800
you dont really have to go through the modeling route. simply make the driven element 1 wavelength at the intended frequency, and the reflector 5% longer. You can feed it directly with 50 ohm line or
/archives//html/Towertalk/2004-03/msg00428.html (8,086 bytes)

14. [TowerTalk] underground pvc (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:09:06 -0500
Out here in CT a lot of guys run a separate conduit for things like rotor control, telco line and (heavens!) an AC line. The hardline, RG, etc is usually kept separate. So replacement of one line doe
/archives//html/Towertalk/2004-04/msg00254.html (7,522 bytes)

15. [TowerTalk] 300ohm line for field day (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 11:05:54 -0400
Bill: I wouldnt get into all the academics of modeling a dipole. If its for Field Day, the basic idea is to get a station on the air. I would simply cut a half wave dipole, feed it with the open wire
/archives//html/Towertalk/2004-06/msg00357.html (6,904 bytes)

16. [TowerTalk] tower xosts (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:23:25 -0400
Have here 100 ft. of SSV Heavy series (9N at base). Cost: tower: scrounged from cell site rebuild. NO COST 2 years old! New bolts for tower (all bolts) $300 transport: borrowed local logging truck $2
/archives//html/Towertalk/2004-08/msg00526.html (8,072 bytes)

17. [TowerTalk] 300 ft tower conundrum (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:02:57 -0500
My humble opinion... go with shorter towers in a better location. I have two 300 footers, and if it were not for the fact that my company owns them (I'm in the tower business), I would never put them
/archives//html/Towertalk/2005-02/msg00418.html (8,125 bytes)

18. [TowerTalk] Vatican Radio (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 17:53:17 -0400
Ridiculous. I have been there a few times, and everyone familiar with VR and the area, KNOWS that VR had its towers there FIRST in an unnoccupied area... and goes out of its way to stay well within t
/archives//html/Towertalk/2005-05/msg00242.html (7,697 bytes)

19. [TowerTalk] mast anti slip coating (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 21:25:09 -0400
In the (military) service we used to use (as an expediant) plain old sand finish ceiling paint. Easy to put on, and the grit worked FB. ... and everyone has a can of it in their garage! 73! See: http
/archives//html/Towertalk/2005-05/msg00566.html (7,306 bytes)

20. [TowerTalk] spotting vertical (score: 1)
Author: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 18:10:00 -0400
I agree with W0UCE, keep it simple. No need to go $$. For years I used a simple 30ft length of wire hung from the tower and fed at the base. No matching, just a run of RG-58. No problems with the Log
/archives//html/Towertalk/2005-06/msg00203.html (7,513 bytes)

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