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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: WD8LLD WPX CW M/M
From: WD8AUB@ix.netcom.com (Douglas L. Klein)
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 09:39:47 -0400
Comments follow from Goose later.  Raw Numbers:
         QSOS     Prefixes
        ------    --------
80m CW      10           2
40m CW     548         227
20m CW   1,182         469
15m CW     157          53
10m CW       3           0

Total    1,900         751  -  3,673,411

OPS  WD8LLD, WD8AUB, and KU8E - part time

WD8AUB comments:  This was more like a M/S... rarely 
were there more than one useable band available to 
operate on.  But Goose/I started out as a 2 person
M/M, and KU8E joined in later.  Good that he did...
with only 20 meters doing anything, the boredom
factor was the biggest hurdle for me.  So, while
one person ran on 20 meters... the other 2 were
actively engaged in B/S sessions.. keeping the 
boredom factor to a minimum!

73 Doug WD8AUB

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