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KE2PF Young Blood score

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: KE2PF Young Blood score
From: 0002017515@mcimail.com (KE2PF)
Date: Mon, 27 May 96 08:57 EST
Let me first comment on the thread that there are no "young blood"
contesters.  I'm 25 yrs old, I guess there is atleast one!

KE2PF Single Op High Power

160-   0 (took K5ZD's advice)
80-    237 QSO's
40-    838 QSO's
20-    1420 QSO's
15-    60 QSO's
10-   yeah right....
QSOs    2555
Prefixes: 783
Score: 6,814,449 pts   average 3.4 points per QSO

Kenwood TS 930
Ten Tec Titan
N2RM's antennas

   I found conditions to be excellent!! I found I could run just about the
entire weekend, my average rate is something in the range on 70 QSO's per hr.
I went on these plans: Run Run Run...I "searched and pounced" only about
1.5 hours of the 36. The rest of the time I kept pushing the F1 key.
I also maximized time on 40/80 meters.  A 60 QSO rate on these bands is like
a 120 rate on 20 and above since they are worth twice as many points.

My secret weapon: "Phased Sluggo's" beverage array.  I used these 100% of
the time on both 40 and 80.  It literally made 40m sound like 20m, I even
worked several Europe/QRP types on 80.

Second secret weapon:  Squirrels, Mice, and Rats... The constant scurrying
from these creatures in the attic of N2RM's shack kept me from oversleeping!!!
(the HOBO's know what I'm talking about!!). Fortunately no wasps this time!!

KA2AEV: NO, I didn't pass a kidney stone after the contest. Must be just you!

More comments/final breakdown to follow. I will do a write-up such like K3ZO
does incase anyone cares.

73, Dave KE2PF

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