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FD results KO4EW

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: FD results KO4EW
From: jnyeager@southern.edu (Jeffrey Yeager)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 21:44:26 -0400 (EDT)

       cw          ssb
40     520         206
20     318         188
15      18         308
10       0          23
10N                100
packet   3
vhf/uhf  FM        205    ( 2m FM,  220 FM,  440 FM  not sure of band totals)
       859         1030    = 1889  =    6376 pnts w/claimed bonus points

Operated approx 20 hrs.  We where to tired to go the distance after running
over 1000' of wire though the woods in the summer heat.

Rigs: ICOM 735 cw,  761 ssb,  730 novice,  Kenwood mobile rigs for VHF/UHF FM

Ant: 2 40/20 dipoles on CW,  Vee beam on ssb,  Butternut HF6V novice,
     2M 6ele quad,  220 5 ele quad,  440 6 ele yagi.

Generac 3500 generator.

Opreators: KO4EW CW op 
           KD4WSR -novice station op (ko4ew's xyl and a great cook)
           KQ4HC SSB op 
           KE4WUT PACKET op and made a couple 10Mn Qs (a future contester)
           (for all you who think contesting is dieing all the above ops
            are under 30 yrs old)

           KO4WT  VHF/UHF (had to inivite an OF to borrow his generator
                           and 'EW and I dont have any little antennas :))

Beautiful weather and no major problems made this one of the most enjoyable
FDs ever.  RF getting the computers screwing with the clocks and my dvp audio
where the only minor problems incountered.  The computer clocks where off by
3 hrs at the end of the contest.  We didnt know it till 45 min before the 
test was over, KO4WT came over to look and see how I was doing and 
metioned the test was about over.  I looked at him like he was crazy, then
checked wwv and decided we had more rf problems than I thought.

73 Jeff KQ4HC

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