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WZ4F IARU SO/Mixed Score

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Subject: WZ4F IARU SO/Mixed Score
From: wz4f@nerak.companet.net (Larry A. Crim)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:04:22 -0500 (CDT)
WZ4F Single-Op Mixed-Mode 1996 IARU

BAND     QSO     QSO-PTS     PTS/Q     ZONES     HQ STNS

160        2           4      2.00       1         1
 80       16          32      2.00       5         1
 40      279         779      2.79      25         6
 20     1070        2972      2.78      39        13
 15      200         516      2.58      17        12
 10       55          99      1.80      11         4
Totals  1622        4402      2.71      98        37

          Score: 594,270    24 Hours Op Time

160/80:  Hurricance Bertha must have been exactly one skip-zone from my QTH.
         Beverages didn't help.  No harm though..VERY little activity. 
    40:  Decent.  Only made one QSO on SSB.  Was interesting to find all 
         the WRTC boys lined-up in a row, each about a kHz apart.  Just 
         picked 'em off one-by-one.  And, BTW, their signal levels were
         FAR from equal. Big pile-ups on strong guys, and weak ones begging
         for QSOs.  This was the only band that I noticed signal inequities.
         Were their wires antennas oriented the same way? 
    20:  Not as good as last year.  Lower SFI and an A index of 10 
         probably was the reason.  Even though Europe was workable most of
         the 24 hour period, the long never-ending runs just weren't there.
    15:  As with 10, better than expected. Surprised to hear Europe so 
         strong, especially since 20 seemed down. 
    10:  Made zero QSOs on 10 last year, and learned my lesson.  Checked 
         the band often and it paid-off with 15 new mults and even some

I've always found the IARU fun.  The 24 hour format is great.. You get to 
operate a FULL contest, and still have Friday night and most of Sunday to 
spend with the real world.  Great. 

Food for thought--Why is "endurance" valued as a "contesting" skill.  I 
noticed that the WRTC participants operated 18 hours out of the 24, with 
TWO person teams.  Should we view the winners of the WRTC in a lesser 
light since they did not put in 48 hours as a single-op?  I think not.
These guys are the best in the world, regardless of the contest length.

Should we limit most contests to 24 hours?---I say yes.  Should we limit 
CQWW and ARRL DX to 24 hours?--I say no.  But I'm sure there are educated 
persons that will disagree.

Overall, a fun contest.  I hope that the excitement of the WRTC got a lot 
of people hooked on this contest.  The 24 hour format, the summer-time 
propagation, and the ability to work anyone sure has me hooked!



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