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K3CR(KB3AFT op) CW Sprint results

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Subject: K3CR(KB3AFT op) CW Sprint results
From: jms403@psu.edu (James M. Spence)
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 14:15:39 -0500
        1997 NCJ North American Sprint (CW)

Call:  K3CR (KB3AFT op)
PWR:   1500W
Name:  Jim
Hours of Operation:  03:57
Team:  Weekend Warriors

Band       QSOs
 80         87
 40         85
 20         75
           247Qs   X   43Mults = 10,621points

Rig:  Kenwood TS950S
Amp:  Alpha 87A

Antennas:  1/2 wave dipole @ 175'(NE/SW) for 80
           3el rotatable and switchable direction V-Yagi(new low windload
           weight design) on 40' boom @ 55' for 40
           M^2 LP8 10-30MHZ Log Periodic on a 30' boom @ 65' for 20(Fixed SW)

Comments:  Congrats to K1KI and NM5M on really great scores, and to
everyone who busted the 300 QSO barrier!  My lack of experience really
showed in this one.  I didn't do the station any justice!  Condx seemed ok
on all the bands here...but I was beat out fairly consistently on all
bands, especially 20 and 40.  Congrats to W9XR for beating us in this one!

        73 & Good Luck,


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