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[3830] n4vi Jan Phone NAQP

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: [3830] n4vi Jan Phone NAQP
From: n4vi@diac.com (Chris Adams)
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 23:37:19 -0700
Callsign Used : N4VI
         Operator : N4VI

         Category : Single Op - 100 watts

 Default Exchange : Chris CO

             Name : Chris Adams
          Address : 8494 Stoneridge Terrace
   City/State/Zip : Boulder, CO 80302-9355
          Country : United States

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   
 __________________________________________________    Op Time: 9 hrs

  160SSB       1           1          1       1       80m dipole
   80SSB     106         106        106      36         80m dipole
   40SSB      98          98         98      38         40m W8JK
   20SSB      76          76         76      34         80m dipole
   15SSB     117         116        116      24         40m W8JK
   10SSB      16          16         16       7         80m dipole

 Totals      414         413        413     140 

    Final Score = 57820 points.

Rig:  TS-870S
Logging by TR 6.20

Alot of fun again.  80 meter inverted vee finally paid off in 
at least being able to keep myself busy the last few hours of the
contest!  Had an "ok" run on 15m and the rate meter hit 110+ on 40m 
(well it was for a few minutes at least!).

My apologies to the stations I couldn't pull through on 40m.  Need a
pair of ears, I know there are ops who could have pulled alot of you 
out of the noise.

Interesting Notes:  Where was TCG on 15m?  Worked NC and VA and barely
K4BAI in Georgia.  Best I can tell the skip must have been a few hundred
to long!

Also, the 16 month old refused to take a nap at 1:30 (2030z) as
planned.  Ended
up taking 2 hours off in prime time!  Oh well.

This was my best phone effort by 100 Q's which is fulfilling but doesn't
match the thrill of the 500+ Q CW effort last weekend.  The easiest way
to improve is to add 160m capability.  Step after that is aluminum!

For some perverse reason I like the "wires" category.  Must be that my
use of 
aluminum can be measured in hours of operating time for my entire ham 

Thanks everyone!

chris, n4vi

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