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[3830] Wo4o NA Summer Sprint CW

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Subject: [3830] Wo4o NA Summer Sprint CW
From: wo4o@juno.com (Ric Painter)
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 00:58:01 EDT
                   1998 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN SPRINT
Call used: Wo4o                                  Location: TN
Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW    Power: High
Callsign of Operator: Wo4o 
Exchanged Information: Wo4o nr RIC TN 
Hours of Operation: 03:59
     band      QSOs     points  equipment
      80         71         71  TS-450S/AT + AL-1200 + Dipole
      40        110        110  TS-450S/AT + AL-1200 + Dipole
      20         68         68  TS-450S/AT + AL-1200 + 2 Beams
     TOTAL      249        249   X   40 multipliers  =  9,960
     Team Name: TN CONTEST GROUP #1
     Comments:  My first time to play with QRO in this game,
                thanks to K0EJ for wiring 220 for the AL-1200.
                Because I'm inexperienced with tuning an amp,
                the 77 pound monster seemed to be somewhat of 
                a distraction.  Because it's borrowed (TU NN4T), 
                I tried to be very careful not to do anything to 
                smoke it.  Got it tuned it up on 20-m before the 
                game and stayed there for the first hour.
                Then, tuned it for 40-m and stayed there for 
                about 90 minutes.  Then, tuned it for 80-m and
                stayed there for the finish.  No bouncing
                back and forth around bands this time. This is 
                my first Summer Sprint to break 200 Qs.  Fell 
                short of my goal of reaching 250 Qs and 42 Ms 
                but am satisfied that the QRO contributed a 
                bigger score to the TCG Team effort, than what 
                it would've been with my usual Low Power.  BTW,
                those who didn't QSL the QSO are not in my log.
                Thems just the facts Max.  Thanks for the FUN! 
73 Ric Wo4o


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