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[3830] K9GY CW Sprint, 100 watts that you say?

To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: [3830] K9GY CW Sprint, 100 watts that you say?
From: k9gy@contesting.com (Eric Hall)
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 05:21:48 +0100
Eric K9GY
Near Chicago
Kenwood TS-440s
Cushcraft R7000 (base @ 11 feet high)
TR (what a great program Bert, ah, Tree...)

Default Exchange : # YO IL
(latest NCJ puts IL in/near the SS bottom...I gotta get out of this state!)
Team/Club : Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC)

   BAND   Raw Qs   Valid Qs   Points   Mults

   40CW      118         118        118      24
   20CW        51            51         51      19

     Totals      169         169        169      43

    Final Score = 7,267 points.

 Soapbox Comments:
 I can't type fast enough!!! Radio-ears-brain-fingers-keyboard-computer
 sequence has a network delay, HI! I need one of those voice interfaces,
 this keyboard stuff is for the birds! (Like the military court reporters

 Only missed 14 mults: AL AK AR ID NE RI SD VT VE1 VE3 VE4 VE7 VE8 WY...

 Was up @ 5:30am, then took XYL to craft fair ALL DAY, then operated the
 contest, whew, I started feeling it around 9pm, ugh, with two hours left in the

 contest! Then 1 hr into the contest, the XYL wants to finish the second tape of
 and she's at the shack door....oops Mr. VCR is not RF proof...oh, well, I told
her it's
 time to read, hi, then she fell asleep. Too much excitement for her? Hey at
least the
 cat didn't puke in the shack during this contest!

 Set up TR 30 min before the contest, do I get extra points for a late setup?
 This (new) short call is GREAT! I can't wait until SS CW in Nov!
 Gunna get one of those TopTen A/B switches to use TS-930 more effectively!

 Great to work IK0HBN on 20 & 40m, also heard CT1BOH on 40m. Also worked a
 RZ3 & RK9 on 20m but they were in another contest (of all things)!

 Slow moment of the contest: found a "valley" on the top of my head
 that seems to perfectly fit my headphones...which came first?
 The "valley" or the headphones? Oh well, back to the contest.

 What a blast!

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