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[3830] S53BM/P FD score

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Subject: [3830] S53BM/P FD score
From: Marijan.Miletic@ijs.si (Marijan Miletic)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 98 10:39:42 EDT
S53BM/P MOP HP FD score

Band  QSO  Mult
160m   26   4
 80m   92  19
 40m  131  22
 20m  454  45
 15m  356  37
 10m  321  46
 All 1380 173

Score: 762.238 points 
       using DL rules

Rig1: FT-980 + TL-922 1kW
Rig2: IC-756 100W

Ant1: 3 el. tribander @ 10m
Ant2: 3 el. 40m + 4 el. 80m + 160m dipole between two 12m crank-ups
Ant3: Dipoles for 20, 15 and 10m.

Ops:  S51KI, S53BM, S55A, S56A, S57NTW, S57NWG.

QRA:  Gazon, JN66UM, 260m asl with North take-off over the Adriatic sea.

Comment:  Crazy WX with strong winds and a lot of rain followed by warm
sunshine on Sunday.  We worked USA West Coast at midnight local time on
28 MHz and gradually moved to 21 and 14 MHz for DX QSO in low numbers.

Wire Yagi's for 80/40m were not fully utilised for EU/P QSO and we
suspect 9A9D, G6YB and GM5VG made more contacts on the lower bands.

JA's were kind enough to exchange FD serial numbers for our age reports.

I wish I had similar CONDX week before in the first SCC RTTY Championship
and that they last until the last week in Septembar for CQ WW RTTY!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

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