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[3830] KK7GW CW Sprint LP

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Subject: [3830] KK7GW CW Sprint LP
From: kk7gw@hotmail.com (David Jones)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 08:21:25 PDT
                  KK7GW CW Sprint SOLP

 Default Exchange : # David WA
        Team/Club : Watt-me-worry

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW        6           6          6       0 
   40CW       39          39         39       7 
   20CW       49          49         49      22 

 Totals       94          94         94      29 

    Final Score = 2726 points.

Power out: 100 watts
Equipment: TS-530, tuner, TR (err) RATlog
Antennas: 20m dipole in a "V", ends at 24 feet, center around 17 or 18 
feet.  40m dipole
at 13 feet.

Time in the chair: 3:55

Comments: Well, here's another first time CW Sprinter.  This is 
certainly a different type
of contest.  Finally got my 20m dipole up and it worked much better than 
the other one, I
felt sorta loud on 20, was getting through pretty well.

Sat listening to all the mini-ragchews on 20 at 40 WPM right before the 
start, I copied
probably 70-75% of it.  Got a A/B check from W4AN (K4AAA), he confirmed 
that the
new antenna is "much better", tnx Bill.

Hours were 27-26-27-14.  Not that good, but it took me a while to settle 
into the rhythm,
and then I don't have a great signal on 40, and nothing on 80.  Just 
locals plus K7RAT
and KI7Y from OR on 80.

About 35 minutes in my keying circuit decided that it didn't like the 
new 20 dipole, it
developed a intermittant state where it would just continously key down.  
To compensate,
I went for the trusty straight key, but didn't want to send at only 
15-20 wpm, so I switched
to the single lever keyer/paddle I have (no iambic, too cheap to spring 
for a keyer AND a
paddle, and no free LPT ports to wire paddles into.  Got this thing free 
too!) My sending
wasn't perfect, thanks to everyone who put up with me sending KK7GA and 
instead of David.  Time for the ferrite...

This contest is a challenge, but I am looking foward to the next one.  
See you all in the
Phone Sprint, and then in all of this season's contests.

Also look for me in the Washington State Salmon Run Sept. 19-20.  Full 
rules available
at http://www.wwdxc.org/salmon.htm


David Jones, KK7GW   

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