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[3830] CT1BOH Sprinting

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Subject: [3830] CT1BOH Sprinting
From: ct1boh@mail.telepac.pt (CT1BOH - Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 00:43:20 +0100
Finally had a serious go at NA Sprint.
With good conditions decided for the first time to have a full try on all
the bands. Having the YL in Boston on a conference also helped a my
Spent all afternoon long on top of the roof 150 feet high under balzing sun
replacing a 15 year old trusty trapped dipole for 80 and 40 into a inv V for
40. Replaced my 160 meter 1/4 wave slooper into an 80 antenna. For 20 TH5 is
a killer from over here.
Then just before the contest start realised CT doesn't have sprint so had to
operate in a stupid way using alt+N (notes field) to record QSO exchange.
That ended up in losing exchange data for 4 QSOs.
Conditions were great and had lots of fun. Had great pleasure in winning
lots of pile-ups on 20 from this side of on ocean. 40 and 80 was a different
thing, still low noise made it enjoyable.

In the end 230*38 hoops forget the 4 qsos lost exchange data

so 226*38=8588 a new claimed EU Record if my competion in G/I/OH didn't do


Jose - CT1BOH

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