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[3830] W6NL @ W6NL CW Sprint

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Subject: [3830] W6NL @ W6NL CW Sprint
From: leeson@ix.netcom.com (Leeson)
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 15:39:48 -0800

Trey's away in JA, and I've watched a bit over the years, so why not get
the rotators goind, put back the 80 dp, put up the Skyneedle, learn how
to use TR and give it a try while babysitting the grandkids (0.5 and 2.5
yrs).  At 2320z before the contest I download the rules, and I can't
quite tell whether you should QSY 1 kHz or 5 kHz after the "second" QSO;
after all, it's the same as calling CQ, no?  I never noticed how Trey
does this.  I have too much experience with legal documents, so I QSY
big to be sure, but I can't seem to find enough folks ready for me. 
What a newbie!

Gee, it sure looks easier when Trey does it!  But for a first time ever,
I'm satisfied and can see what to do next time for a better result.  It
looks as if 300+ isn't an unreachable goal for me, since the first hour
was only 70 and I know I can do much better once I know the software,
the bands, the rules, the second radio and the players, and get to do it
without the 2 AM feedings.  Not bad for a foot-getter-wetter, though. 
Great contest!

Sept. 1998 CW Sprint

20   111
40   112
80    46
     269 x 41 = 11029

73 de W6NL   # DAVE CA

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