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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: No subject
From: kx9x@yahoo.com (Sean Kutzko)
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 19:20:42 -0800 (PST)

       Call:      KX9X
       Category:  Single Unlimited
       Power:     Low Power
       Band:      All Band
       Mode:      SSB
       Section:   IL


       160        0        0        -
        80      155      310        -
        40      208      416        -
        20      148      296        -
        15      136      272        -
        10       73      146        -

      Totals    720     1440       80

                Score:  115,200

Power Output: _100_ watts     Hours of operation: _14_

Equipment Description:
Icom 745, W9XT contest card, 3-el yagi @ 72', 40m
slopers @70', 80m inverted vee @65'. Tnx NO9Z for the
486 pc.

Club Affiliation: Society of Midwest Contesters

This is to certify that in this contest I have
my transmitter within the limitations of my license
and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the

                              Signature ________Sean
Kutzko KX9X_________________________

            MAILING ADDRESS:

                Sean Kutzko  KX9X
                2564 Cr 1700 North
                Ogden, IL 61859


This will be a weekend we all talk about for a very,
very long time. For a one weekend, all the planets
aligned and the propagation gods were generous beyond
imagination. Did you ever expect to be able to have
the opportunity to work DX on 2 meters, 6 meters, a
station in North Korea, and all of this during a major
contest?  I'll certainly not forget it any time soon.

I usually run this one QRP, but I knew I'd be torn
from a full-bore effort because of al lthe enhanced
VHF prop, so I went unlimited so I could maximize my
score for the SMC Effort. Thanks to all the SMC'ers;
there were a lot of us out there!!

  I scored more that I would have by going QRP and had
fun on 8 bands all in 48 hours. I also got KH6 on 6m
for my 50th state. Just crazy, crazy stuff! Oh, yeah,
I slept from 0500-0800z Sunday, so it wasn't so bad.

Last mult was VY1MB on 15m.

Kudos to KL7Y for an amazing QRP effort. If he doesn't
win QRP this year, I'll be amazed.

Okay.. I think I might actually be sick of radio for a
litlewhile.. I'm so full of DX I feel like the
Thanksgiving turkey before the slaughter.

73 everybody. Go get some sleep and think back on what
an amazing weekend this was.



Sean Kutzko, Amateur Radio KX9X
Ogden, Illinois     Grid EN60ac
Visit me on the web at: http://hobbes.ncsa.uiuc.edu/sean

"Maybe you'll find your way someday, but while you're at it, you'll have 
some fun." --Lowell George

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