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[3830] ARRLDX CW K1KI M/2 HP

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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX CW K1KI M/2 HP
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:40:14 -0800
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                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: K1KI
Operator(s): K1KI KM1P K1CC W1RM K2SX
Station: K1KI

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  133    64
   80:  851    96
   40: 1647   119
   20: 1455   121
   15: 1639   117
   10:  633    98
Total: 6358   615  Total Score = 11,678,850

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Great conditions made all the antennas feel like they were working well... 
Outstanding job by the K4JA crew, and happy to edge out N3RS this year.

A few station problems but nothing terrible.  One amp blew a fuse, but we had a
spare.  One rotator stopped rotating, but we had a spare (and thanks to KM1P for
replacing it late Saturday afternoon).  One keyer battery died, but we had a
spare (stolen from a fire alarm).  A couple of computers froze up when the 10m
antenna was pointed to the SE (towards the house), but they could be rebooted. 
The cats enjoyed the extra warmth on top of the radios.

We were set up with two operating positions.  Each had one amplifier (Titan and
Alpha 86), an interlock(Acom), and two transceivers (three FT1000mp, one
FT1000mk5).   Built a manual patch panel for the antenna choices (there are
never too many antennas) - 10 coax runs, 2 beverage runs.   Some day we'll try
to automate some things...

The next improvement needs to be some receive antennas even further away from
the main antennas so we can listen better on the same band we're transmitting

Used CT 10 this time - a combination of 3 PCs running in DOS mode and one in
WinXP.  Time for a couple of newer PCs.

As much as we grouse about the weak QRP guys, it's a lot of fun working them,
and there seem to be more each year.  CU next time!

              -- Tom

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