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Subject: [3830] IARU K0IO SO CW LP
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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 12:28:50 -0700
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                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: K0IO
Operator(s): K0IO
Station: K0IO

Class: SO CW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Mults
  160:   21             7
   80:   91            11
   40:  144            30
   20:  245            48
   15:   37             8
   10:   32             5
Total:  570     0     109  Total Score = 179,632



It must be the buried cow droppings that make my crappy 80-meter inverted vee at
35 ft play so well â?? for an 80-meter inverted vee at 35 ft. This QTH is in the
subdivision where W0DXâ??s lumber syndicate built the spec home that my folks
bought in 1957 (85 by 140 ft lot) and was a cow pasture before Denniston and
Partridge Co. developed the area.  In the days of W0DRE, I ran a long wire
across 5 back yards down to my uncleâ??s house. I could hear, but not work
10-watt Gâ??s on 160. Not bad for living "in town" in Ioway.

This morning it was fun snagging a couple of JAâ??s on 40 cw with 100 watts
out. Best on 80 was ZL4BR. Easy! Worked â??Whoopie One portable fourâ?? on six
bands.  â??Whoopie One Alpha Whoopieâ?? is the set of phonetics given to
â??yourâ?? HQ station by Jim, K4OJ when he was WA1NNC.  The nickname â??Whoopie
Oneâ?? became the HQ staff nickname for W1AW in the good old daze as in: â??I
guess Iâ??ll operate the CD party from Whoopie One this weekend.â?? 

John, K0IO ex-W1GNC etc

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