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[3830] CQ160 CW KL7RA Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] CQ160 CW KL7RA Single Op HP
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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 16:49:10 -0800
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                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: KL7RA
Operator(s): KL7RA
Station: KL7RA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19

Total:  QSOs = 598  State/Prov = 51  Countries = 19  Total Score = 248,640



No real Europe runs this year. Made about a third of the Q's of two years ago
which I guess is to be expected as we lose the topband peak. Moose got my north
Beverage around midnight but had limited impact until I got it fixed in the
daylight. Easy to find the problem, just followed the tracks.

Lot of hours with limited success calling a lot of stations who couldn't hear
me. I called JEFF, VY2ZM, W3DQ in DC, and RI lots of times but no joy and never
did get much past the "?" part to get their attention. By the end of the contest
I did work most everyone I had called sooner or latter so it's all good.

Most of my operating was going up the band calling anyone new regardless if
they were weak or loud with equal success to if they heard me. Once it seemed
stations were coming back with one call I would find a run freq and have rate
for awhile before it was back to being too weak to really run rate. The
indicator was always a loud W7 taking my freq so it was back to the bottom of
the band and starting the S/P process all over again. We call this contesting
and it's fun, mostly. 73 Rich KL7RA    

Station:  Icom 781, Alpha 87a, 142 foot series fed vertical made from Rohn 25
tower with an insulated base on a hilltop with 70+ radials, Beverages, all with
moose damage repairs.

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