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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB N8II SOSB/10 HP
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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 18:02:54 -0700
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: SOSB/10 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   10: 2166    32      121
Total: 2166    32      121  Total Score = 966,654

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Last year I missed out on most of the WW phone fun, I had to work. This year, we
just missed really fabulous conditions on 10M, the paths over the pole to deep
Asia were never open here, at least via short path. What we did have were great
conditions to EU with great EU activity. I made 1698 QSO's with EU. 

The contest started with a whimper on 10M, only made 4 Q's before I gave up and
went down to 20 where conditions were about the best I have ever heard in the
first hours of the test, loud signals from northern EU across to zone 18.

When I fired up the radio at 1113Z Saturday, a couple of EA's and AF were
already coming thru direct path weakly, first Q was ED1R. The real EU opening
started about 1129Z and I was running EU by 1135Z. The first northern EU was a
weak SJ2W at 1148 and first Russian was RZ4AG at 1149Z. By 1148, I was running
at a really fast rate. EU run rates were 206 for 12Z hour, 13Z 192, 14Z 147
(lost run freq), 15Z 151, 16Z 158, 17Z 96. I hit 1000 Q's by 1715Z without a
bathroom break, two new personal bests, Hi! I didn't stop for lunch, but did
walk the dog. Still had lots of SA to keep busy with until evening when the
KH2's and KH0's were incredibly loud, but the JA path was not really open until
2155Z and closed pretty much by 2330Z, first JA was logged at 2125Z a long while
after the zone 27's.

Sunday was roughly the same, but the EU opening didn't really get going well
until around 1155Z and was over except for the EA's and F's by around 1730Z.
Two UN stations did call in for my only central Asian Q's. There were plenty of
Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, and even ER's (worked at least six). 

The band was pretty poor to the south Pacific except for 2300-2330Z on Sunday.
I never heard any of the missed zones except for a very weak BA. SA was there
all day. VP5 was skipping over me most of the time but worked plenty and even a
couple of CO's. Skip was the shortest both days in the late afternoon.
Propagation mid afternoon Sunday was pretty punk, even VE7's were weak, but
around 20Z things improved and the KL's came out of the woodwork in numbers.

I was pleased with the effort except for the mult totals. My station is not
really big gun status,I have a tribander fixed south which I used for 90% of
Q's to the south and a 105BA at 99 ft, so it was satisfying to best some of the
big single band stations. Thanks to all of the callers and spotters (rate really
jumped up several times), especially from EU. I hope to see you again on CW, the
somewhat more civilized mode.

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