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Subject: Re: [AMPS] SB1000 PROBLEM
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At 10:00 PM 2/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Fired up my SB1000 Heathkit amp the other day, and come to find out, after
>not being used for about a year and a half, there is something wrong in I
>think the Pi-network. When I hook the antenna coax thru the amp, the receive
>signal drops completely off. Its like there is no continuity thru the amp.
>Anyone out there know, how I can go about troubleshooting this PROBLEM ???
>Any help would be much appreciated.
>Rick, WB6CJT


Clean the relay with some plain old typing paper.  Insert a strip of paper
between the relay contacts and pull the paper out.   do that several times.
Check for broken wires too.  I've seen one amp where repeated action of the
relay broke a wire off...or it was hanging on by a thread.  Happened to me
in a MLA2500.  But, clean the relay.


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