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[AMPS] Just in time

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Subject: [AMPS] Just in time
From: (Ron Angle (AB6ZX))
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 20:55:01 -0800
It's nearly Spring, the ARRL CW test is behind us, and the XYL wants to know 
what I plan to do with that 40 inch high pile of junk in the closet. Why, Lady, 
that's a Homebrew Amplifier with 4-400s! Those bottles glow in the dark! Real 
Amateurs don't buy power thru mail order...they build it.  Said she, that 
thing's been in that closet for six months! You said yourself it was 35 years 
old and built to electrocute the first person that touched the chassis and a 
water pipe at the same time.

So, it's time to become a mechanic again. I just bought the 1995 edition of 
Bill Orr's Radio Handbook and now this forum comes around. Good timing. Thanks 
in advance to all of those who will offer advice in the months to come (and 
even to those to whom flaming is second nature).

Q.   Radio Shack has a 12 VDC relay with contacts rated at 15 amps/125 VAC. 
What would one consider to be the max RF wattage to attempt with this relay? 
(It will used only temporarily during tests and I can control the output with 
my variac power supply).

Q. The Beast uses a pair of 4-400A's in GG; I've seen many circuits both with 
and without cutoff bias. Not considering the technical merits, what have you 
personally experienced as the pros and cons? I.E. will the coffee cook faster 
at a high idling current?

ron ab6zx
chico ca

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