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[AMPS] PA Recommendation Wanted

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Subject: [AMPS] PA Recommendation Wanted
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 97 05:50:21 -0700
>> BTW, even 3ma of grid current in an AB1 amp will cause splatter. If you
>> can see that much on a meter, the real peaks are a lot worse. 
>> 73....Carl    KM1H
>Right. By the time you see it on a meter, your signal is often a 

100% of the time is undoubtedly often.  

>A peak detector with a hold circuit (perhaps driving an LED) would be 
>a good idea. 

Why not adjust the grid bias V so that the grid can not draw current with 
max. drive applied? 

>I also like Ian's suggestion of building the grid supply 
>like the PA is for AB2 (regulated with a stiff shunt regulator), even 
>though you plan on running it on AB1. 
Eimac says you don't need a regulated bias supply..  From my experiences, 
a 10k to 20k ohm output-R bias supply works just fine for tetrodes with 
handles.   A 'stiff shunt regulator' supplying a zero current circuit 
makes zero sense to me.  

R. L. Measures, 805-386-3734, AG6K   

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