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[AMPS] Splatter and ALC

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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 00:38:41 +0000
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>  What kind of audio reports are you getting ????
> If it ain't broke......

Audio reports have NOTHING to do with excessive IMD. IMD is by 
definition mostly OUT of signal band products, so the other guy's 
receiver (when tuned to YOUR frequency) does not hear them.

> True the manuel does say this. I do not really understand either.
> But my 91b gets fantastic audio least 50% of the DX I am working
> are asking if
> I am using an AMP and what kind, they are bring this about because they say
> the audio
> is of such a great quality

Then that is almost CERTAINLY due to your exciter and NOT the 
amplifier. Amplifiers never enhance audio quality, they only degrade 
it. By the time they degrade it enough for anyone to notice distortion 
on your operating frequency, you would be trashing the whole band.

Not to be sarcastic to you,  but the notion amps cause " good 
audio" or "bad audio" seems to come straight from CB band operators. 
At least that was where I heard it mentioned first. They think 
class C PA's make the best audio.

Unfortunately, this totally untrue idea seems to have worked itself 
into the Ham area now. 

"Hows my audio?"

 "It sound's great."

 "OK thanks, then I must not be splattering."  

I heard that just a few months ago, and the good audio station was 
about 30 kHz wide!
73, Tom W8JI 

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