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[AMPS] regulators

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Subject: [AMPS] regulators
From: gdaught6@leland.Stanford.EDU (George T. Daughters)
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 09:31:37 +0008
hi group,

peter wrote,

> You'll find the resistor values in very small type ( and I mean small! -
> too small for comfort for a 50 year old like me) on the diagrams and the
> footnotes, where they equal up the resistors for minimum drift, and
> specify drifts with resistors <10k.

as i recall from my years in the semiconductor device biz, 
specifications like this are written for conditions where the device 
is giving near "optimal" performance.  it doesn't mean other values 
won't work, but it's sure a good place to start.  if your idea of  "optimal" 
performance (e.g. rfi immunity) is different from the mfgrs' idea of 
"optimal" performance (e.g. low drift) then the circuit 
configurations can be different.  but everybody knows that already.

sorry for rambling... the topic just brought a "specsmanship" 


George T. Daughters, K6GT

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