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Subject: [AMPS] Re: Tube chimneys
From: (Frank & Barb Ayers)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 18:50:23 -0000
Got a question about do it yourself chimneys. Having determined that the
oil cap will do just fine in my power supply, I'm now setting my attention
on the amplifiers that it will power. I have a Svetlana 4CX800 and socket
that I'm planning on using on 6 meters. There is, however, no readily
available chimney for it. RF parts lists one made of teflon but they're out
for a few months. I know I could wrap one up out of teflon sheet, but in
discussing this with a friend he told that someone he knew made a chimney
from a small 'microwave safe' freeze and heat container. I got one, put it
in my wave along with a glass of water (to keep the wave from arcing) and
ran it for 10 minutes. The water in the glass was boiling but the container
was pretty much room temp. The dielectric abilities of the container seem
okay, as my 2500 v supply did nothing to it. So - the question: anybody
have first hand experience with this? 
I have a few chimneys for the 4CX1600B that I'm planning to use on 2 meters
and I suppose I could always cut one of those down. They're made of Nomex
and are sorta like large toilet paper tubes. I'd prefer not to have to do
that tho.


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