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Subject: [AMPS] Re: Tube chimneys
From: (Mark S Graalman)
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 19:22:49 EST
  Put it in a oven and see if it will stand 150-200 F
degrees without melting. I made a chimmney for
my 8877 amp out of neopreme sheet 
about 1/8" thick and had no problems.

Mark  WB8JKR

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998 18:50:23 -0000 "Frank & Barb Ayers"
<> writes:
>Got a question about do it yourself chimneys. Having determined that 
>oil cap will do just fine in my power supply, I'm now setting my 
>on the amplifiers that it will power. I have a Svetlana 4CX800 and 
>that I'm planning on using on 6 meters. There is, however, no readily
>available chimney for it. RF parts lists one made of teflon but 
>they're out
>for a few months. I know I could wrap one up out of teflon sheet, but 
>discussing this with a friend he told that someone he knew made a 
>from a small 'microwave safe' freeze and heat container. I got one, 
>put it
>in my wave along with a glass of water (to keep the wave from arcing) 
>ran it for 10 minutes. The water in the glass was boiling but the 
>was pretty much room temp. The dielectric abilities of the container 
>okay, as my 2500 v supply did nothing to it. So - the question: 
>have first hand experience with this? 
>I have a few chimneys for the 4CX1600B that I'm planning to use on 2 
>and I suppose I could always cut one of those down. They're made of 
>and are sorta like large toilet paper tubes. I'd prefer not to have to 
>that tho.
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