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Subject: [AMPS] Thank You
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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 09:15:34 EST
That is an extended range MN-2000 and is also a L network. A good tuner
for many, but not all.
The last time I needed a switch (for the Swedish government.....they use
many L-4 and L-7 amps) it cost me $80 from Electroswitch  in 10 quantity.

Other decent tuners are the Murch and Millen; if you can find one.

73  Carl   KM1H

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 17:28:54 -0600 Richard Carroll
<> writes:
>> >I didn't hear anything about the Drake MN-4 or the Ameritron ATR-15
>> >unit.  Does anyone out there have any success / horror stories 
>> >these?
>My personal favorite is the Drake MN2700 tuner. It will handle legal 
>loads, and will also work 160 mtrs and the WARC bands with no problem. 
>It is a
>switched inductance (and capacitance) type, not a roller inductor. 
>I've had
>various roller inductor types but find no real advantage, and some
>disadvantages to them (slow to change bands and retune, likely 
>problems with
>the coil contactor) . The MN2700 just does everything I ask of it, and 
>as far
>as I am able to determine, does it just as well as any other unit 
>73, Dick W0EX
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