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[AMPS] tuning capacitor & insulator

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Subject: [AMPS] tuning capacitor & insulator
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 03:54:56 -0800
>Rich Measures wrote:
>>>On Sat, 19 Dec 1998 07:47:30 -0800 Rich Measures <>
>>>>>Since you believe what is published Rich ( when it is convenient ) 
>>>>>come you cant  agree with published Eimac results? 
>>>>Ä  Eimac said that linearity improved when the anode supply voltage 
>>>>was decreased from 2000v to 1500v?
>>>Yes, thats what several of us have said the past few days.... Its right
>>>in the full spec sheet.
>> In one test the ZSAC is 0.133A.  In the other test, the ZSAC is 0.07A.  
>That is one of the problems with the "typical" data sheet operating
>conditions - all the important parameters tend to change together: anode
>voltage, screen voltage, ZSAC (and therefore grid bias), RF drive level,
>peak anode current and expected power output. They all have an effect on
>linearity, but they all get mixed up together in the recommended
>"typical" conditions so that it's impossible to isolate the effects of
>any individual one.
>I still tend to believe that any tetrode will become more linear if you
>increase the anode voltage to give more available voltage swing above
>the screen voltage (and then operate the tube in a way that takes
>maximum advantage of that change). 
?  hear, hear. Looking over the constant-current characteristic curves 
convinced me that, for SSB,  mo' volts is usually mo' betta.  .  

-  later, Ian.  


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