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[AMPS] Construction techniques

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Subject: [AMPS] Construction techniques
From: (Peter Chadwick)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:16:52 -0000
Anybody got any good suggestions on persuading tiny steel splinters to come
far out of the skin of your hands so you can get them with tweezers?

It has to do with amps - I've turned up the steel blanks to make the gears
for motorising the vacuum variable, and jig bored them and the collars for
attaching them to shafts, but having trouble with the minute splinters of
steel in my hands. Also made up the fly cutter holder - just got to make the
fixtures for making the two fly cutters, then gash the gears with a saw,
then cut them with the fly cutter. Then cut up the 1/4 inch aluminium plates
for mounting the vac variable etc. I've taken Rich's advice and gone for
vertical mounting as well.


Peter G3RZP

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