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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 07:02:52 +0000
In message <6CEB3A36096CD2119FEE00A0C9410EC2228275@excalibur.swindon.msl>, Peter Chadwick <> writes
>Anybody got any good suggestions on persuading tiny steel splinters to come
>far out of the skin of your hands so you can get them with tweezers?

Steel dissolves in battery acid. If that doesn't work, while at A&E you
could ask to use an NMR scanner magnet :-)

Seriously though, I thought your skin was thick enough not to suffer
that way. See you on Sunday?
>It has to do with amps - I've turned up the steel blanks to make the gears
>for motorising the vacuum variable, and jig bored them and the collars for
>attaching them to shafts, but having trouble with the minute splinters of
>steel in my hands. Also made up the fly cutter holder - just got to make the
>fixtures for making the two fly cutters, then gash the gears with a saw,
>then cut them with the fly cutter. Then cut up the 1/4 inch aluminium plates
>for mounting the vac variable etc. I've taken Rich's advice and gone for
>vertical mounting as well.
If you have cracked gear cutting, you could make lots of money
manufacturing 1st gear cogs for Daimler SP250.


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