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[AMPS] Output power 8877

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Subject: [AMPS] Output power 8877
From: (NI4L)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:49:34 -0500
Tube 8877
3750 v drop back to 3450v
6 mills current at 65 watts
I seem to be getting about 1200 watts out on a two tone oscillator
I have a Ferrite toroid tank circuit . 10/15 meters are on a reg copper
20/40/80 meters are on the toroid.
it seems to work pretty smooth. The question is ; Because of the toroid
tank circuit would that make it so that it doesn't produce anymore
wattage than it does? the tube is good tried another one same output.
any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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