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Subject: [AMPS] TL-922A
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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 09:18:21 -0700
>Need an assist with a TL-922A.  My manual isn't clear (to me) as to how to
>set the exciter gain control for SSB use.
>What I've been doing is tuning up at low power on CW, then increasing drive
>until I get approx 150ma on grid, and 600ma on plate.  Then kick it off,
>switch it to SSB, and crank the audio down until it looks good on the scope.
>I get good on-the-air reports this way.  Is this an acceptable way to get
>the settings right for SSB?  Seems logical.

I tune up at full throttle on CW.  Otherwise, RL is too high for the 
design of the tank.  Setting the microphone gain for c. 290mA on a 
'hello' is about right.  The meter typically indicates about 1/3 of 
later, Ron.  
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