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[AMPS] Alpha 374A

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Subject: [AMPS] Alpha 374A
From: (VE3DMJ)
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 13:07:06 -0400
      A local amateur who isn't on the Internet,  has just bought a
used Alpha 374A, while cosmetically it is in great shape it does
have some faults.

1. The Load and Tune controls are way out of whack as far as the
dial posn reads and what the Instruction Manual states:

Band            Tune            Load
80m             72              82
40m             43              42
20m             75              73
15m             82              81

     The amp seems to work just fine in the Manual Tune posn, lots
of pwr out and from reports nice and clean.

2.  The Bandpass Posn seems to only work properly in the 40m

80m     Plate Current= 0.7a     Grid Current=25ma       Pwr =100w
40m                           0.7a                          50ma                
20m                       0.7a                            20ma                 
15m                         0.7a                            20ma                

3.   We have checked inside and can't find any traces of arcing that
may have occurred or any blown components. Also have checked the
transformer and it is supplying the correct voltages.

4.   Haven't touch the ALC pot and we know it was last used with a
tube type Transceiver and I use a solid state transceiver. Also do
not know how to properly adjust the ALC pot if required.

5.   Does anyone have any idea as to what could be ailing this old
amp, as would like to get if working properly without sending it
back to Alpha if at all possible. Tnx

73 De Mike

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