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[AMPS] Re: [50MHz] SELL: Dedicated 6m Heath SB220 amplifier

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Subject: [AMPS] Re: [50MHz] SELL: Dedicated 6m Heath SB220 amplifier
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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 21:46:04 -0400

 SELL: Dedicated 6m Heath SB220 ssb/CW linear amplifier in 9++ 
 condition. Amp runs a pair of  full output  Eimac 3-500's developing
 output with 90-100Watts of drive. Outwardly, the unit appears to be 
 stock  Heath in every detail except that the bandswitch now controls the

 t-match exciter input tune control for a perfect 1:1 SWR. Interior
 include a specifically designed, broad banded tank circuit and 
 tuning capacitors that alllow for  full 1 mHz excursions without any 
 retuning.Perfect for chasing the elusive DX on band openings or
 All circuits are stock Heath and all meter positions (HV, grid,rel 
 output) function normally.  Currently wired for 220VAC but can operate
 110vac. Complete with the Heath schematic with circuit changes, and a
 zener diode. $750+ shipping Ron W2CQM New York City
 Epilogue: See QRZ.COM for the listing of the  most recent articles
 written  for QST and 73 Magazine authored by W2CQM.

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