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[AMPS] SELL: Heath SB220 tank circuit

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Subject: [AMPS] SELL: Heath SB220 tank circuit
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:13:25 -0400
 SELL: The OEM replacement Heath SB220 RF tank circuit package ready 
 for a drop in retrofit to your vintage amplifier. Switch wafers are 
 porcelain ceramic/silvered contacts  with no burn marks in any 
 position. Solder in the exciter in/out leads and your  Heath is 
 ready for many additional years of trouble free service. Package 
 complete with the antenna tune capacitor and the entire plate 
 parasitic choke assembly along with the HV plate choke(s). The units 
  are in perfect condition with  no cut wires and includes all 
 related components including the tuned input circuit  so a bolt up 
 replacement is quick and  easy. $130 shipped. Ron W2CQM NYC
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