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[AMPS] SELL:Dentron MLA2500tank circuit/bandswitch assembly

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Subject: [AMPS] SELL:Dentron MLA2500tank circuit/bandswitch assembly
From: (Ronald Lumachi)
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 13:37:28 -0400
SELL: Dentron MLA2500  legal limit++ 10-160m tank circuit complete with
4pole 8 position bandswitch (2 sections not used in the Dentron),  HV
plate choke, RF parasitic chokes, padding capacitors,   blocking
capacitors, and standoffs all in one complete unit w/OEM mounting
brackets and "NO CUT WIRES".  Simply bolt in place and solder one lead to
the antenna relay to get your MLA 2500 up and running (or use the
component assembly  and the two unused switch positons for the WARC bands
in your 10-160m  custom built amplifier). The switch contactors are in
perfect condition with no burn marks. $130 shipped. 

Amperite  6NO75 Dentron MLA2500 timer relay for the MLA2500.  $22 shipped

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