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[AMPS] HV Fusing / Diode Protection

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Subject: [AMPS] HV Fusing / Diode Protection
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Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 11:32:31 -0700
>Rich says;
>       >... length helps because it lower the V gradient.  Two 10w resistors in
>       >series are better than one 25w resistor.  
>Very true - I use one resistor in the present PSU, but it's about 6 inches 
>and 1-1/2 inch diameter, though. (Over the years, I've collected 
>physically big
>vitreous enamelled resistors of 50 watts and up in various values) An 
>point is the pulse rating, as there's a lot of energy to dissipate. For
>instance, a  5 watt resistor 6 inches long may well not flash over because of
>voltage gradient, but explode with the amount of energy involved.

?  When a resistor explodes, there  is  a flash over.  

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