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[AMPS] FS: Pi Coil set + Bandswitch / Contactor / Filament choke

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Subject: [AMPS] FS: Pi Coil set + Bandswitch / Contactor / Filament choke
From: (Radio WC6W)
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:23:39 EDT

   I've got a really nice though somewhat large Pi-Coil bandswitch
assembly for sale that may be of interest to someone on the reflector.

   The Pi coil is wound in 3 co-linear sections:

        24 T #12 copper wire  6" long on a 3½" diameter ceramic form --
my calculations show 22uH

        6T ¼" Copper tubing  2" long 3" diameter -- another 2.5 uH

        & 6T ¼ Copper tubing 2½" diameter by 2½" long -- 1.8 uH

        Including the end stuff this assembly is about 14" long overall
so, it isn't for a small amp.

        The copper is tarnished, but not too bad -- a quick dip in Tarn-X
or vinegar should clean it up.

  The bandswitch is 6 positions -- very heavy duty.  The contacts are
3/8" diameter (and about the same hi!) and the rotor contact is a pair of
3/8" wide strips.  It has a nice roller detent on the rotor.  This was
obviously originally some commercial switch but, the components have been
remounted to a large (6" x 8") sheet of plexiglass.   Four of the 6 taps
are currently connected to the coils with 1/4 wide strap.   

  Finally, there are three large 6" ceramic and glass standoffs that
support the coil assembly.

  I'm asking $50 for the piece plus shipping if necessary.

 I also have a (used) Square D, size 2, two pole, contactor rated at 50
amps (600 V max) -- the coil is 120VAC     I'm asking $20 for this unit
plus shipping if necessary.

  and a...

Filament choke for a GG amp.  Bifilar wound #10 wire on ½" dia. by 7½"
long ferrite rod.  Used, good condx -- $15 psin.

  Marv  WC6W  310 649 3111 (reasonable hours Pacific time, please)


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