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[AMPS] URM 107 Specs

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Subject: [AMPS] URM 107 Specs
From: (Roger Glover)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:57:53 +0100

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Subject: [AMPS] URM 107 Specs

Can anybody please help with the specs for this cable? My elderly ARRL
handbook and the search engines have turned up zip!
Is this cable obsolete now?


Peter, G3YYN
Hello Peter,

Inner - 7/0.82mm Silver plated copper 2.46mm nom.
Dielectric - PTFE min thickness 2.0mm 7.25mm nom.
Outer Braid - 0.20mm silver plated copper 8.15 nom.
Sheath - FEP brown min thickness 0.34 9.00mm nom

Spark test on sheath 2kV
Voltage test on dielectric 10kV (1 Minute)
Insulation Res 20,000 Mohm/kM
Inner coductor res. 4.73 ohm/kM
Cap (1000Hz) 92.8 to 99.5 pF/M
Discharge test (50Hz) 4.0kV rms
Atten constant (200MHz) 10.2db/100m max
Velocity Ratio 0.690 to 0.710
Char. Zm 47 to 53 ohms

Service enginneering data:-

Max voltage for rf operation 5kV peak
Max voltage for pulse operation 10kV peak
Max voltage dc operation 40kV

Mass 180g/m
Bending radius (installation) 50mm min
Coiling diameter (drums/reels) 160mm min
Min flexing temp -55degC

Typical power handling and attenuation data in air @ 40degC

100MHz 3350W 6.3db/100m
200MHz 2350W 9.2db/100m
300MHz 1900W 11.8db/100m
600MHz 1300W 17.6db/100m
1000MHz 1000W 23.4db/100m
3000MHz 545W 47.9db/100m

Data from BS2316 (1968).


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