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[AMPS] Questions on Swan Mark 2 Amp

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Subject: [AMPS] Questions on Swan Mark 2 Amp
From: (Tom Barber)
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 19:04:47 -0700
Hello all,

I am new to amplifiers above 300 watts (2x811) with the purchase of a Swan
Mark 2 (with input tuning modification).  I plan to drive it with a Kenwood

I am curious if there are any other mods that I should consider before I
install the tubes (3-400's) that came with the amp and place it in service.
I do know the diodes that are supposed to be strapped have been so I
"assume" the doorknobs have also been changed (have no idea what values need
to be there).

One other mod I have no idea about has been performed.  One resistor and one
inductor was removed from the grounded grids of each tube.  Anyone know why
this mod was performed?

Any pertinent information I need to know about this amp will be greatly

Tom - KK7PX
"May all your signals be rare DX"

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