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[AMPS] DC Output

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Subject: [AMPS] DC Output
From: (Jeff Wolf)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:41:47 GMT

Assuming that the .5 amp rating is CCS, I have found that you can safely 
assume that the 1250 watt rating can be used ICAS.

IOW, your transformer is rated at .94KVA CCS, and you can pull app 1.4 to 
1.5 times that value safely in ICAS service, therefore, when you do the math 
to figure what your output voltage of a capacitor input filter, you can use 
that value to figure ICAS output values of the power supply.

Always been fairly accurate for me, at least.

Hope this helps.

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I have Transformer 1880 volt with max current 0.5A, When we calculate  max
output power that is 1880 x 0.5 = 940 watt AC. When I make HV Power supply
with bridge diode and capasitor. The DC output will be 2500 volt DC and 0.5
max current. Total output power is 2500 x 0.5 = 1250 watt DC. I am confused
with watt terminology here, where 1250 minus 940 = 310 watt... Where does
this 310 watt come from, Could anybody explain me why ???....

de Firson YD1BIH

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