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[AMPS] For Sale - 2 of VHF Amps

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Subject: [AMPS] For Sale - 2 of VHF Amps
From: (Byron Tatum)
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 00:28:52 -0500
    I have for sale two 144 Mhz. RF power amps :
        1. A W6PO style 8877 unit, as shown in Eimac bulletin and handbooks.
The unit was built commercially in the 80's by a company in Cal. if I recall
correctly. There is the RF chassis { very nice condition with a good 8877},
a front panel with 2 meters and places for switches, a rack mount front
cover with drop down door, blower, and fil. transf. and bias parts. All
needs wiring up to the RF chassis. 400.00 plus shipping.
        2. A 4CX1000A RF chassis as shown in the 85 ARRL HB. This is the one
that uses the half wave grid and plate lines with tube in center, and
grounded screen design. This RF deck has all parts mounted, it just needs to
be wired up. Has the fil. and screen tranf. and blower on the chassis,
includes a number of needed parts for bias, etc. The metalwork on this deck
is excellent, the plate output and tuning assemblies are very well made in
addition to the striplines and tube socket assembly. Has a tube but I do not
know if it is good or not. 125.00 plus shipping.
    3. I also have a number of VHF-UHF high power cavities {7213 tube} plus
some of the tubes, local P/U near Houston, TX on these larger units.
                Thanks, Byron.

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