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[AMPS] For Sale - 2 of VHF Amps

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Subject: [AMPS] For Sale - 2 of VHF Amps
From: (skipp s isaham)
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 19:36:20 -0700
Hi there, 

Is the number 2 deal spoken for yet...
let me know when you get a moment...


On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 00:28:52 -0500 "Byron Tatum" <>
> Hello-
>     I have for sale two 144 Mhz. RF power amps :
>         1. A W6PO style 8877 unit, as shown in Eimac bulletin and 
> handbooks.
> The unit was built commercially in the 80's by a company in Cal. if 
> I recall
> correctly. There is the RF chassis { very nice condition with a good 
> 8877},
> a front panel with 2 meters and places for switches, a rack mount 
> front
> cover with drop down door, blower, and fil. transf. and bias parts. 
> All
> needs wiring up to the RF chassis. 400.00 plus shipping.
>         2. A 4CX1000A RF chassis as shown in the 85 ARRL HB. This is 
> the one
> that uses the half wave grid and plate lines with tube in center, 
> and
> grounded screen design. This RF deck has all parts mounted, it just 
> needs to
> be wired up. Has the fil. and screen tranf. and blower on the 
> chassis,
> includes a number of needed parts for bias, etc. The metalwork on 
> this deck
> is excellent, the plate output and tuning assemblies are very well 
> made in
> addition to the striplines and tube socket assembly. Has a tube but 
> I do not
> know if it is good or not. 125.00 plus shipping.
>     3. I also have a number of VHF-UHF high power cavities {7213 
> tube} plus
> some of the tubes, local P/U near Houston, TX on these larger units.
>                 Thanks, Byron.
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