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[Amps] Henry solid-state amp problem

To: <>
Subject: [Amps] Henry solid-state amp problem
From: (Vic Rosenthal)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 15:55:28 -0700
Roger Glover wrote:
> > 1) What's blowing the capacitors?

> My guess is that its the 'af' ripple on the supply line that's causing the
> ripple current rating of the capacitors to be exeeded.
> To prove this does it happen when the amp is driven with continuous
> carrirer?
> If Ok check the PSU for regulation also ensure that the dc cables are up to
> the job.

I'm leery of testing with continuous carrier because the amp gets hot quite
quickly.  I don't operate SSB, if that's what you mean by 'AF' -- just CW.

The PS regulates within 0.2 volt and the cables are 00 gauge welding cables! 
I'm using a pair of Astron RS70's with the sense lines paralled.   I am going to
put a scope on the supply line and see what is there.  Someone else suggested
that perhaps RF is being picked up by the cables external to the amp.


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