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Fw: Re: [Amps] Vacuum Relay Contact Bounce

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Subject: Fw: Re: [Amps] Vacuum Relay Contact Bounce
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Date: Thu Jun 5 08:51:05 2003

>I results I measured were made using the values you 
>supplied below plus pushing the limits in specific 
>The bounce was clearly shown on a high end 
>Tektronix Digital Storage Scope. 

**  all contacts - except mercury-wetted contacts - bounce.

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>**  Using 120VDC, and a series-R to limit I to 80mA, a 26v HC-1 or RJ1A 
>will make and stop bouncing its NO contacts in 1.8mS.  Using a 26v PS, 
>the measured speeds were 6 - 7 mS.  
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