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[Amps] Can I run 4-400's in TL922

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Subject: [Amps] Can I run 4-400's in TL922
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Date: Fri Jun 6 09:12:39 2003
>In regard to running 4-400 tubes in place of 3-500 types, Rich said:
>"2.  Increase the anode PS potential by c. 500v in order raise the ZSAC to
>the needed 75mA/tube  in order to achieve SSB linearity.  To do this, add
>a 200Vrms or so 1A tranformer secondary winding, in-phase, in series with
>the stock HV winding.  [Peter Dahl can make the boost xfmr]"
>It is sometimes not practical to add additional high voltage.  

**  good point.  In a TL-922 it looks like there is room, the filter C is 
good for 4kV, and the bandswitch has a breakdown potential of 5kV, so it 
should be possible.  

>A more
>practical approach might be to isolate the screen and add a positive voltage
>sufficient to raise the ZSAC to the needed 75mA/tube.  This might only
>require a 100 volts or so.  

**  my guess is 10 - 20 volts positive.  

>You can use a variable voltage until you
>determine the required voltage - then build a fixed supply.  A little higher
>voltage will be ok, since you can then simply change the cathode bias to
>reach the desired ZSAC. Remember, although the current demand is slight, it
>will need to be regulated.  Also, check the resulting imd to verify that
>there is no deterioration.
>73,  Colin  K7FM

Rich, AG6K, 805-386-3734,

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