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[Amps] Ameritron 6m Amplifier project

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Subject: [Amps] Ameritron 6m Amplifier project
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Date: Fri Jul 11 09:00:18 2003
Just purchased an absolute  mint Ameritron AL series amplifier in
anticipation of retrofitting and dedicating it for 6 meter operation.
Output is guaranteed to be 2000+ watts with about 80w of drive and
3600VDC @ 1amp plate voltage. . The unit will be stock Ameritron with a
Peter Dahl Hipersil. The basic unit  is available only wired  for 220VAC
operation. It is equipped with a full output Eimac 8877 with a front
panel tuned input control and full compatibility for any solid state
exciter. $1950+ shipping. Options are available for a vacuum antenna
relay retrofit and/or replacement rectifier board (filter caps,
diodes,bleeders) for higher plate voltage 400+VDC)  utilizing the plate
transformer tap for voltage boost.  Retrofitted plate/antenna  tune
components provide broad band excursions without retuning; essential for
chasing DX.  Unit will ship safely since the transformer can be removed
and transported in a separate carton. All original boxes. A 15% good
faith deposit is required. Ron W2CQM/3

An AL series amp is also available equipped  with the Eimac  3cx1200A7  
for about 1800W output. $1750. Same antenna relay/rectifier board options

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