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Re: [Amps] TT Titan 425 SAFETY QUESTION

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Subject: Re: [Amps] TT Titan 425 SAFETY QUESTION
From: "Phil Clements" <>
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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:28:57 -0600
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> I am about to open up my Titan 425 to remove any saber
toothed dust bunnies
> that may be inside and around the 3CX800 cooling fins.
Since this is a separate
> RF deck and transformer design,  once I unplug the control
cable and HV cable
> from the back of the RF deck, am I safe to begin working,
or are there any
> points that need grounding to discharge any residual
voltage stored in the RF
> deck itself. (Of course, the main transformer will be
unplugged from the 220v
> supply before I proceed with anything) Please advise.
Thank You.

The reason so many of us old geezers are still alive is that
we made a habit of shorting from tube anode(s) to chassis
ground after making sure all mains power has been unplugged.
This is done with a large screwdriver or other suitable
tool. One hand is placed in your hip pocket during this
operation. I do this every time I work on a power supply or
RF deck without exception. My "Elmer" demonstrated this
exercise to me in 1953. No runs, hits, nor errors so far!

Phil, K5PC

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